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EXM 1080 SVL & 880 SVL
10.1"  & 8.0" Digital TFT LED Headrest Monitor for iPhone, iPad, Samsung G3, and MHL Android Phone


EXM 1080SVL: 10.1" Wide High Resolution (1024x600) Digital TFT-LCD
EXM 880 SVL: 8.0" Hight Resolution (800x480) Digital TFT-LCD


  • iPad, iPhone4, iPod Touch Interface & Charging (Cable: Option)
  • Samsung Galaxy 3S Interface & Charging (Cable: Option)
  • MHL Android Phone Interface & Charging (Cable: Option)
  • USB Playback (Full HD 1080P Support)
  • HDMI, 2A/V(CVBS) Inputs
  • Low Reflection TFT Screen
  • Ultra Bright LED Back Lighting
  • 3 Colors Interchangeable Color Cover(Beige, Black & Gray)
  • 1 Audio L/R Output
  • Wired headphone Output on Front Panel
  • Built-in Dual Channel Wireless IR Transmitter
  • Built-in 330 Channels FM Transmitter
  • Multi-Function Remote Control
Optional SVL Cables






EXP900B / 900T / 900G
9" TFT LED Headrest Monitor with Pillow

• Universal Headrest Mounting • Wide Screen 16 : 9 Ratio • High Resolution TFT LED
• 350 : 1 Contrast Ratio • 400 cd/m2 Brightness Ratio • On Screen Display
• NTSC / PAL • Dual Video Input • Single Audio Input • Built-in IR Transmitter
• Aspect Control Mode • Screen Rotation • Dimmer Control
• Sleep Timer • Multi Function Remote Control • 12V DC Operation


Don't risk cutting into your factory headrests, replace them with the EXP 900. Designed to replace most vehicle's headrests, the EXP 900 comes as a complete headrest with a built in 9" monitor. The high resolution screen has built-in on screen adjustments, built-in IR transmitter, and will allow for up to 2 Video & 1 Audio inputs. Spacers are included to accommodate the two standard sizes of the mounting posts. Unlike many competitors using spring loaded post width adjustments, our monitors have heavy duty screw adjustments to adjust for mounting. post width and headrest mounting rigidity, making a superior headrest mounting system.